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**NOTE: All prints can now be purchased on the Gallery STORE page. Click on the menu bar to view. Each print comes in a light weight foam or wooden frame, and any of 5 sizes. 

These are all copy written Fine Art Photographs taken by Lizette herself and turned into this amazing Gallery! The Gallery is what the name Lizette's Photo Fantasy came from. This is where dreams become reality. In a gallery full of perplexing, enigmatic, enrapturing and mesmerising views, Lizette very much takes great pride in her work and will be adding new prints each week. They are available in heavy wooden frames, or lightweight foam frames. More Items will be posted soon. You can see some of Lizette's photography on gifts in the shoppe, such as MISTY HOLLY, WHITE BRILLIANCE, DARLING ROSE, AND LUSH LILLY. Many prints are located in Specialized Bags section. More Prints are coming soon.  .  . NOTE: THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A "PROOF"  OR COPY OF THE PRINT AS IT WILL LOOK, FITTED ON THE FRAME. ONCE YOU APPROVE IT AFTER YOU ORDER, IT WILL BE SENT TO YOU. BE CHECKING YOUR EMAIL!

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