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HERS - Christmas Mug


This is a HERS Christmas Mug.The mug goes well for couples with HIS Christmas mug or simply for Individuals who like the design. Also, if you want a name in place of Hers or His, just state it in the Question listed at the time of purchase. It will say: What do you want the title to be? Then answer His, Hers, or the name that you want. They are great as couples mugs because one is feminine and the other is all about Santa - or "the Papa". Not to scare away couples that aren't married. The Center of the Mug says, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

What Title would you like on the mug? {You may include Prefixes such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr., etc. or nicknames i.e. Mrs. Claus, Luvy Dove, etc.}

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