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Web Store

HIS - Christmas Mug


This goes well with HERS - but these are for anyone! You can add a different Title, but Santa usually relates to the "Papa". This doesn't mean they can't be used for those who are dating - or anyone who likes Santa for that matter. The choice is yours. They are sold separately. If you would like to change the title on this mug while checking out, answer the Question that asks: "What title do you want on this mug?". You can answer His, or any other name. Since they are sold separately, they can be bought for Individuals, too, a Doctor, Teacher, etc. The Center of the Mug says, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

What Title would you like on the mug? {You may include Prefixes such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr., etc. or nicknames i.e. Mrs. Claus, Luvy Dove, etc.}

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