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THIS BANNER IS FOR BUSINESS, RECREATIONAL, OR EVENT PURPOSES. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A 2.5' X 6' BANNER. THE OTHER SIZES ARE: 1.7' X 3',  2.5 X 4 ', 4' X 4' ,  2.5 X 8' , 2.5 X 10', & 2.5 X 12' .
For sizes other than 2.5' X 6', CONTACT ME on my CONTACT FORM. Each banner comes with clear hangers, as you can see in the picture just to the left of this descrption below the banner. If you do not have your own cord/rope to hang it with, it can be purchased for a small additional cost.
Zip Tie{Plastic Cord, 12" X 1.58"} comes in Black,
And Rope {50" X .25"} comes in White.
DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LOGO? YOU CAN E-MAIL IT IN A PDF TO after I send you a quote, and be sure to include your contact info. so that I I can link it to your order with th correct size. Do you have a particular font that you'd like? If you know the font name, it may be in my database, or you can describe the type of font. Give a brief font description, and I will send a PROOF to your e-mail address of the finished banner so that you can view it or make changes before I ship it to you. If you want me to choose a print logo from my library for your particular business, I can do that as well, just let me know the type of business you have. If there is additional info. like the colors you prefer, backgrounds, or extra text - just tell me! Welcome to Lizette's Business Services!
What font, or font type would you like? Be sure to include Italic, Bold, or Underlined if you want that added. What color font {choose any}? If you want the font used in the sample picture, state here. If you are going to use a logo from my company, state what type of business you own.


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