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Welcome to Lizette's Business Services! Please Note that not all products that are available are listed on the website, and there are actually over 500 products available. You can start by sending a request to my contact form for practically any promo product imaginable. Then I can inform you of what I have in my inventory and send you a PDF of products that fit the description of what you are looking for, and a few others that you may be interested in. If you want the item, any of the items offered can include your own individual logo - that you already use for your business! Simply request the item and quantitiy that you want and e-mail with the item names, quantity, and a picture of your logo. And we will have the items printed for you and sent to you. Since you will not be using the shopping cart, you will receive an invoice for this service created by Pay Pal, and you can pay with debit, or credit in the form of Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover. {This is a New Feature to the website, new items are coming soon. . . } Check back soon for more car magnets, pens, and other Promotional Products for your business that will be listed as examples. Some products can be ordered directly from the website, but if you have something in mind that is not here, go to "Contact Form" on the menu bar, and request an item. For everything ordered in the Business Services section, you will first receive a PDF to ensure that you have the right fonts, colors and logo placement. Then when you approve the design, I will ship out the order. The services must be paid for ahead of time by invoice,  for copyright purposes, and you will receive a receipt as proof of purchase. 

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