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Perfect for a Personal Card, or for Businesses to give to their employees / colleagues for the New Year. This item is available in bulk. For this to be a Personal Card, simply enter your Personal Information: Name, & Message (Address, Phone Number and e-mail address are optional). For Business, the card can state your Company name, & message (address, phone, and website are optional). Be sure to add all info. at checkout. It goes well with the Gold Leaf 5x7 enveolpe. This can be ordered separately. The front will say, "With Love" (on the front) if it is Personal, and "From" if it is Business. The second picture showing is the back of the card with the Year 2019 on it. Contact me on my contact form for higher quantities of this product; I may also be able to sell them to you for a lower rate than 10 for $40. Ask for the "going rate" for the quantity you need {in quantities of 10; 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.}, and I will get right back to you. For these types of orders, an invoice will be issued to you at the time of purchase.
NOTE: Personal Card says "With Love", Business says "From". If Personal state the name/phrase going under "With Love". If this card is for Business, state your Company Name, & Message (Address, Phone Number, and Website Address, optional).

New Year's 2022 Personal/Business {10 Cards Per Order}

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