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** WELCOME! THE GALLERY STORE is now available. Click on it in the blue menu bar for 5 different sizes, and either foam or wooden frames for all photographic prints.** 

FOR A QUICK VIEW & DESCRIPTION: Click on the item name. Sometimes there are different colors sizes, or quantities. It is best to contact me on my contact form for  larger orders of an item. Canvas Prints include five different sizes and two different frame types; see the Gallery STORE page with all of the available options. Please feel free to request another quantity on the contact form.  

Lizette's Photo Fantasy is a designer shoppe with original photographs and prints made into specialty gifts and products. There are new products for the upcoming holidays, such as cards and customized gifts. There are also numerous selected prints of fine art photography from Lizette's Gallery. Gifts are created by Lizette with her own photography prints, and some digital art is included with custom prints such as card designs. Cards are sold in quantities of 10 or more. There is a mixture of fine art photography and digital art throughout the site. Lizette and her Partner Company are responsible for printing and creating of prints and gifts made specifically to be showcased on this website.The beautiful and magnificent Lizette's Photo Fantasy.

ALONG WITH CREATING MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGNS, I AM A CERTIFIED RESELLER THROUGH MY PARTNER COMPANY. ONLY items that state it in the description are for business resale. All Photographic Art and the Gifts created within this site are protected by U.S. Copyright Law. All digital prints, stationary and print supplies are being sold under the agreeance of a partner company, and are incoprorated with the production and sales at Lizette's Photo Fantasy. 

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